LED efficiency

  • Product life over  50000h
  • No UV realease
  • No IR release (infra-red)
  • No frontal heat emission
  • No maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Possibility for long cabling (30m)
  • Low tension.
  • DC
  • 3 year total product guarantee.


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Tekni Led - A light Forward
The development of LEDs
led tunelTEKNI LED specialised a few years ago in developing light fixtures employing LEDs. This technology has overturned thinking for interior and exterior lighting solutions. TECHNI LED brings you expertise in the implementation of new generation lighting solutions. The LED has major advantages, notably with energy consumption, but also product lifetime. TECHNI LED can help you identify the right solutions for your specific project.
High technology lighting
High technology lighting
An upheaval in our everyday life, semiconductors come into the lime-light. Following the candle, the filament lamp, the power LED is the third generation of artificial lighting. A difference must be made between the classic LED that we frequently find in our household electronic goods (1 Lumen for the most powerful) and the high power LED offered by TEKNI LED (exceeding 80 Lumens): The latter allows sufficient luminous flux for domestic application.

eclairage cuisine par LED

Flagship product
Power is currently the flagship product line in the TEKNI LED range. Thanks to its specific technology we mount the professional installations.

New Product
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The TEKNI LED Professional range meets the highest requirements which will guarantee maximum security